Dear Friends of the Illinois 3rd Congressional District

Don't Vote for Arthur Jones for Congress

A Nazi is hiding in plain sight on our Republic primary ballot in the 3rd Congressional District of Illinois on Chicago's Southwest Side and Suburbs. 

Arthur Jones managed to sneak on to the republican ballot because he is the only person to have filed for a place on the congressional line in the March 20 primary. therefore, Arthur Jones, once a leader in the American Nazi Party, will be the Republican candidate for Congress in the November General Election. 

But you can oppose him now!

If you take a Republican primary ballot, do not mark your ballot for Arthur Jones.  

He is an unabashed denier of the Holocaust and the murders of six million Jews and millions of other innocent people carried out by the Nazis in World War II. Arthur Jones wants you to inadvertently endorse the Nazi ideology and its message of hate. 

Arthur Jones has pranced around in his make believe Nazi costume while claiming to be a loyal American. No one can be a Nazi and a loyal American at the same time.

Arthur Jones wants to peddle hate in your name. Don’t let him.

Tell your family.  Tell your friends and neighbors. Help Stop illinois Nazis.

Leave the box blank next to the name of Arthur Jones.

My Great-Uncle, Joe Kerzich, fought in North Africa against the Nazis that Arthur Jones admires. 400,000 Americans gave their lives in World War II to stop the Nazis and their kind.  Now, it’s our turn to do the right thing.

Christopher Kerzich